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Alle beoordelingen zijn van klanten die besteld hebben bij Casper Antwerpen. Meer weten? Ontdek meer

9 feb 2023 om 18:27 eten was wel lekker maar veeeeeel te weinig en ben geen grote eter
6 feb 2023 om 20:04 Everything was tasty and very well made! When I came to pick up it only took 1min amazing service!
24 jan 2023 om 21:27 Oven dish with cauliflower contained expired meat. You could even smell it. We called the restaurant and they were not willing to guarantee that we would not get sick from eating it, so it appears they knew well enough that the meat was expired.
8 dec 2022 om 20:22 Everything we ordered was very tasty! Would recommend! (Also nice quality packaging)
10 nov 2022 om 21:09 Rice was forgotten and it took a bit long
30 okt 2022 om 20:14 Vegan stoofvlees was teleurstellend
27 okt 2022 om 7:23 Delivery person didn't want to give my food. I'm a busy man, soo i closed the door and ordered somewhere else.
7 okt 2022 om 14:57 bland and cold wedges, Mediocre burger with a tasteless thousand island dressing called “secret sauce”. Delivery time was also far too long. Wouldn’t recommend
5 okt 2022 om 9:14 Very disappointed, fries were overcooked and felt like they were cooked a long time ago. No crush, nothing. Concerning the Vol-au-vent, what a disappointment in the tasting. Not ordering here again.
13 sep 2022 om 15:19 Eten totaal niet lekker: uitgedroogd, rare smaak en al zeker geen mac&cheese te noemen.
10 sep 2022 om 23:10 Lovely food! Great Mac and cheese. Very friendly delivery girl
7 sep 2022 om 12:58 Very rude and bad behavior from manager, NOT RECOMMENDED8